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Welcome to BFDS, an initiative that is set to develop the future of freelance online workers of Bangladesh. Our goal is to help both upcoming and established freelancers to achieve better careers goals and build entrepreneurial ventures. We dream to become a key platform where talents will come together to share knowledge and skills to create jobs, earn foreign remittance and work towards building a successful & enriched Bangladesh. 


Freelancing has brought a revolution for the youth in the worldwide. In Bangladesh, a number of people have made it as their full time profession or part time job. Though it is a blessing, well recognised and well organized society or appreciation isn't formed yet for the development of this sector and the community. From this need, a platform has been created to work with the asserts and rights of the freelancers. That is Bangladesh Freelancer Development Society (BFDS)

Benefits Of Becoming a BFDS Member  

BFDS will ensure following Benefits for the members:


1. BFDS Membership Certificate.

2. Free or discounted access to all BFDS events.

3. All BFDS members will get all kinds of necessary support to overcome the professional barriers. 

4. BFDS will provide guidelines and high quality training to create new freelancer as well. 

5. Interest free computers or laptops or other tech gadgets from various partner vendors to kick start freelancing career.  

6. Special deals and discount offers at various outlets and businesses. 

7. Financial and Banking guidelines for seamless freelancing agency operations.

8. Leising with foreign entities in case of any settlement or conflict resolution or arbitration required.  

Membership Categories

1. General Member. 

2. Associate Member. 

As a General Member it requires to pay Tk 1,000 per year and Tk 5,000 per year for the Associate Member. 

Application Process

In order to get the membership a newcomer needs to fill up the online application form. BFDS will communicate with him/her within 7 days. Applicants may be asked for any query if required. All the information will be checked and verified before approval. 

Members will be eligible to get the Membership certificate. General Member will get the virtual certificate and the Associate Member will get the high quality printed certificate. 

Click Here to apply online.

Required Documents

1. Copy of National Identity Card

2. Scanned copy of passport size photo.

3. Proof on online earnings (applicable for Associate Members) such as Upwork earning certificate or Payoneer Statement etc. 


General Members- 

Anyone willing to join the freelancing workforce or has the intention to work online can become a general member of BFDS. You must possess basic computer skills, communication skills and be a person with good character. This is the perfect option for new and upcoming freelancers. All general members will enjoy the benefits mentioned above.

Associate Members-

An Associate Member needs to show the proof of earning (freelancing or any online work) more than 5,000 U$ dollars generated within last 24 months. Associate members will enjoy extra perks including attending events organized by BFDS for free or discounted price and be able to take part via voting during EC committee formation.  

Cancellation of Membership

If a General or Associate Member does not want to continue the membership then he or she can do so by not renewing their yearly membership subscription. So, the membership will be cancelled if the Members don't pay the yearly membership dues. 

Code Of Conduct

General or Associate all the Members should abide by the code of conduct of BFDS. 

Relation with Clients

Members must deal with clients in an ethical manner, agreement and terms and conditions need to be accurately and clearly stated and implemented in good faith. Contracts which are undertaken should be completed on time in an efficient manner and the interest should be maintained full confidently. 

Relation with Members

Members must ensure a professional and constructive relation among themselves. Proper respect should be shown. Members will not engage in damaging and predatory tactics. BFDS will have the right to neutralize any conflict through arbitration. 

Relation with Public

The members of BFDS must play their role as an active citizen. They will encourage the people about the effective use of information and technology. They will spread the news that technology can be an effective medium which can bring economic and social benefits. 

Relation with International Community

BFDS members will promote communication and business dealings with organizations in foreign countries in accordance with international cooperation. They will not do any activity which represent Bangladesh negatively. 

BFDS members will demotivate other about pirated software and plagiarism. 

Relation with BFDS

Members should clear their dues in time. They should update their contact information with BFDS. BFDS will have the rights to cancel membership if the dues aren't paid within the declared date and for any wrongdoing. If any member wants to use the name or logo of BFDS he/she must need to take the permission. 

Nomination to the Executive Committee

The Associate Members will be eligible to become a voter. Each member will have a single vote. The management of the society will be controlled under the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will be elected for a 2 year term. 

After the election 10 Executive Member will be selected and those 10 members will again select the President and Secretary. 

Meeting of the Executive Committee will be held regularly. The date of next meeting will be set In the Previous meeting. 

Office Address

Applicant who is interested to be a member of BFDS then he or she will apply for membership by sending the documents by physical mail or scanned copy to the email. BFDS Secretariat office address is-

Bangladesh Freelancer Development Society (BFDS)

Location: 4th Floor, House 1101, Road 6/b, Avenue 7, Mirpur DOHS, Dhaka, 1216

Mobile: +880 17 3356 3502

Email: [email protected]


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4th Floor, House 1101, Road 6/b, Avenue 7, Mirpur DOHS, Dhaka, 1216 


Email: [email protected]
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